Merit Scholarship

Top 42 Applicants achieving high scores in the Entrance Exam for the 2020-2021 Academic Year will be granted with following types of merit scholarships for the first semester.

Number of students Entrance Exam rank Scholarship amount Total Remarks
2 1-2 100% 42 Merit Scholarships for successful students are valid for the first semester only
2 3-4 75%
3 5-7 50%
15 8-22 20%
20 23-42 10%


01/19/2021 AKFA University

Students can pay tuition fee, using the Milliy app

Students of the AKFA University now have the opportunity to pay their tuition fees

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New Project
01/14/2021 AKFA University

Medical students receive the opportunity to use the resources of Lecturio for free

Students of the Medical School of AKFA University now have the opportunity to use the

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photo 2021 01 13 21 08 34
01/13/2021 AKFA University

Representatives of AKFA University meet with prospective students

AKFA University started preparations for the admissions campaign for the 2021-2022

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