Merit Scholarship

Top 42 Applicants achieving high scores in the Entrance Exam for the 2020-2021 Academic Year will be granted with following types of merit scholarships for the first semester.

Number of students Entrance Exam rank Scholarship amount Total Remarks
2 1-2 100% 42 Merit Scholarships for successful students are valid for the first semester only
2 3-4 75%
3 5-7 50%
15 8-22 20%
20 23-42 10%


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10/15/2021 AKFA University

AKFA University and CIS International School establish cooperation ties

AKFA University has established cooperation ties with the Cambridge International

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stats 2021 2022
09/16/2021 AKFA University

About 4,100 applicants submitted their documents to AKFA University

About 4,100 applicants have submitted their documents this year to the AKFA

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adeap conf
09/14/2021 AKFA University

Representatives of AKFA University takes part in ADEAP conference

Representatives of AKFA University took part on the conference of the Association of

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