about2 1AKFA University has been established according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan dated February 15, 2019.

Our university is aiming to achieve its goal of being the leading institution of higher education in the region and contribute to the development of Uzbekistan, as we know and understand the significance of our geographical location.

Our university’s mission is:

  • To educate a sufficient number of people in the areas that the country needs,
  • To propose solutions for the training of professional staff,
  • To produce new educational technologies,
  • To develop the principles of education and training.

AKFA University offers education at internationally acclaimed standards to students from different nations.

The university trains highly qualified specialists in fundamental, medical, exact and humanitarian disciplines.

In addition to the Medical Doctor Program, Masters’ Program will be offered by a highly qualified internationally acclaimed academic staff.

The educational process is carried out in partnership with leading international research institutions, including with Gachon University in the medical area (South Korea) and our compatriots working abroad.

The study will be in English and lasts for 6 years (2 years of preparatory courses, 4 years of medical courses in medical faculty).  Graduates receive a diploma of higher education.

Research, discovery, and quest for truth are the critical characteristics of a university. AKFA University is aware of these responsibilities and devotes itself to create an intellectual environment where both students and faculty members can conduct productive and effective research together.

The University aims to offer the most modern, and the highest quality education to its students. Each and every student that embarks on this long educational journey at our university graduates as an individual fully content and well equipped with the education he/she has received. Our graduates start their professional life at highly prestigious internationally recognized businesses and their employment possibilities with these institutions is an asset to AKFA University.

With a vision that foresees the future, and moving forward with firm steps with all the enthusiasm, vigor and vitality essential in becoming one of the most outstanding universities of the 21st century, AKFA University generates knowledge together with the students, faculty and administrative staff, and at the same time continues to introduce novelties in social, medical, cultural and scientific areas.

AKFA University has set its vision and mission as a road map to be a top university with its determined development targets, academicians, managers and administrators.

Mission Statement

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AKFA University brings together all levels of education and offers innovative training to its students. Our core mission is training the next generation of doctors, engineers, scientists and architects. Our cutting-edge programs are adapted to the challenges of our time.

We focus on three missions: education, research and innovation. We offer students an innovation-oriented environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. And because we believe in learning by doing, our degree programs place a heavy emphasis on lab sessions and hands-on workshops with direct research applications.

AKFA University strives to give students solid technical skills combined with a sound basis in computational thinking. But that’s not all – we also encourage them to develop their imagination, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit through cross-disciplinary projects.

We collaborate with an important network of partners, including other universities and colleges, secondary schools, industry and the economy circles and the general public, with the aim of having a real impact on society.

foreign center 768x512 1AKFA University was founded by AKFA Medline with the headquarters in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

AKFA Medline is the largest private multidisciplinary medical center in Central Asia with modern equipment for diagnostics, treatment and complex cardiosurgical, neurosurgical, orthopedic operations with the participation of highly qualified medical personnel.

The multifaceted medical center AKFA Medline is structured on the site of the former dispensary of the Tashkent Aviation Production Association.

Outpatient Department

Polyclinic with services of super specialties, the newest equipment from leading European manufacturers, and also offices of ultrasonic investigation. Each room is equipped with multifunction stations.

Operation Room

Fully equipped with equipment from Europe consists of 7 operating rooms with the ability to integrate the transmission of video images over long distances. Also here is a hybrid operating room for the purpose of performing angio surgical, neurosurgical, cardiosurgical operations.

Inpatient Department

Hospital consists of 12 floors. Resuscitation department with 20 beds and 4 intensive care units. From the 3rd to the 11th floor there are comfortable chambers with all conveniences, separate bathrooms and showers, modern LED television sets, access to unlimited internet and multi-functional beds in each room, equipped with a facility to call emergency team on call.


Medical Center AKFA Medline has its own advanced laboratory with modern equipment, such as: automatic modularimmuno- biochemical apparatus COBAS 6000 from the leading company ROCHE HITACHI etc., where biochemical and immunological investigations are done.


The radiological department of the clinic AKFA Medline is equipped with an advanced and the most up-to-date equipment for X-ray diagnostics. The equipment is produced by the leading brand SIEMENS (Germany), which meets the world quality standards and guarantees highly informative results.

SPA complex

Includes hydrotherapy and balneology, a huge swimming pool and Jacuzzi. You can also relax in the Turkish hammam and Finnish sauna, and visit the fitness room. Highly qualified specialists will render services in physiotherapy, electrotherapy, vertebrology, laser therapy, electromagnetic therapy, acupuncture and hydrocolonotherapy.


A cozy restaurant for 166 seats with a varied menu, with great attention to the basics of dietary nutrition, taking into account the different characteristics of the patients’ diet.

Conference hall

Conference hall for scientific and medical conferences and space bridges with modern acoustic system JBL.

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