Dear Applicants,

As you know, applicants applying to AKFA University must submit an English Proficiency Certificate, otherwise, their applications will not be approved and they cannot attend the entrance exams.

Taking into account a considerable number of individuals who do not have IELTS, TOEFL or DUOLINGO certificate yet, AU Admission Committee decided to organize Internal English Proficiency Testing Exam (IEPTE) for this year as well and assign a set of date for IEPT exams as follows:

✅First IEPT exam: January 28, 3 pm
✅Second IEPT exam: February 28, 3 pm
✅Third IEPT exam: March 28, 3 pm
✅Fourth IEPT exam: April 28, 3 pm
✅Fifth IEPT exam: May 28, 3 pm
✅Sixth IEPT exam: June 28, 3 pm

*The price for the Internal English Exam is 400.000 UZB sums. Deadline for registration and payment for IEPT exams is 5 pm, 25th date of each months.

✍️Registration form:

Best regards,
AU Admission Office