AKFA university 01 1170x750 1AKFA University is building new campus in Tashkent city, a capital of Uzbekistan. The university bought 25 hectares of land to create all necessary conditions for study and research of students and professors.


The Turkish company NKY Architects and Engineers has developed a conceptual design of the campus of AKFA University in Tashkent. NKY Architects and Engineers is one of the leading architecture and design companies.

The company has been involved in the design of hospitals, university campuses, airports, and other facilities in Turkey and abroad.

As part of the development of the conceptual design of the AKFA University campus, NKY Architects and Engineers specialists used their experience in the development and design of educational institutions buildings, the latest trends in architecture and design.

07 2 1170x750 1When developing the conceptual design, special attention was paid to creating amenities for students, professors and university staff, as well as guests. The architects also took security considerations into account when developing the campus design.

The campus will have several zones: an educational zone, a residential zone, an administrative zone, a social zone, a cultural zone, a sports zone, and a healthcare zone. All zones will be connected by a ring road and alleys, which will allow students and university staff to reach the required building in a few minutes.

The AKFA University campus will be designed for 10,000 students. A library, cafeterias, a dormitory, sports facilities, laboratories, a clinic and other facilities will function on the campus. The hostel will be designed for 3,000 people.


The construction of new campus was started in February 2021. The construction works will be carried out in several stages.

In the first stage, an educational building for medical school, main building for the university administration, canteen and library, sport complex, dormitory and R&D Center were built.akfa tree1 1170x750 1

In next stages, additional educational and dormitory buildings, hospital and other facilities will be built.

Green zones

AKFA University is creating green zones on the territory of a new campus in Mirzo-Ulugbek district of Tashkent. Trees and bushes will be planted throughout the territory of the AKFA University campus.

As part of the greening project on the campus, it is planned to plant about 470 trees and 12,800 bushes.

As part of the first phase of the campus construction, about 190 trees and 5,900 bushes have already been planted. Landscaping specialists create cozy green spaces.

Campus Access and Disability Support

AKFA University is committed to creating equal opportunities and environment for all students. During the design and construction, special attention was paid to the creation of the environment for people with disabilities. You can receive information on created conditions on Campus Access and Disability Support page.