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The Center for research in social sciences (CRISS) strives to advance social science research at AKFA University.

The aim of the Center is to create a comfortable environment for scholars, policy experts, collaborators, and talented students to conduct novel, high-quality and policy-relevant academic research.

The Center promotes first-class research work, trains scholars to global standards, and offers research and data-driven advice to decision-makers in the public and private sectors.

We particularly welcome scholars with interdisciplinary research interests to promote collaboration and publish academic findings at leading academic journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

We conduct academic conferences in various fields of social sciences and produce academic journals, which are linked to the important dimensions of ongoing socio-economic reforms in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Name & Office Title / Interests Email
Raufhon Salahodjaev Head criss[∂]
Shakhnoza Tosheva Staff Member criss[∂]
  1. Salahodjaev, R., & Isaeva, A. (2021). Post-Soviet states and CO2 emissions: the role of foreign direct investment, Post-Communist Economies, 1-22.
  2. Salahodjaev, R. (2021). Trapped: Social Networking Sites Use & Life Satisfaction in Russia. North American Journal of Psychology23(2).
  3. Yakubova, Y., & Salahodjaev, R. (2021). Against All Odds-Are Abundant Thinkers Really Wealthier? The Cross-Country Analysis on Abundant Thinkers and their Income Scale. North American Journal of Psychology23(2).
  4. Salahodjaev, R. (2021). Tolerance, governance and happiness (in) equality: cross-country evidence. International Journal of Development Issues
  5. Janpolat, K., Odilova, S., Nodira, A., Salahodjaev, R., & Khachaturov, A. (2021). Financial development and energy consumption nexus in 32 belt and road economies. International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy11(2), 368.
  6. Salahodjaev, R. et al. (2021). Is philanthropy related to life satisfaction? Cross-country evidence, International Sociology (forthcoming)
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