se facultySchool of Engineering at AKFA University aims to educate students for both an academic and a professional career by emphasizing core objectives: academic quality, self-development, internationality, and the ability to succeed in the working world.

Hence, all study programs at the School of Engineering offer a comprehensive, structured approach to prepare students for graduate education as well as career success by combining disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth with supplemental skills education and extra-curricular elements.

The first-year curriculum for all freshmen students at the School of Engineering includes the same core subjects such as mathematics, computer literacy, programming, and English education. Each program is complemented by specialized courses. This enables students to choose the undergraduate major by the sophomore year of study according to their best interests. Once a student chooses an undergraduate major, there are many opportunities for individual initiatives.

During the last year of study, students have the opportunity to perform their final year projects according to their interests and further career plans. Students who wish to continue their graduate studies would be interested to join one of the research groups and work on their undergraduate thesis. On the other hand, other students would have a chance to perform an integrated work program at one of the affiliated companies.

Graduates of the program profit from their broad technical background and their interdisciplinary problem-solving skills. Their studies open the door to all fields, in which computer-supported processes are used to develop innovative products.

Bahodir AkhmedovAs Dean of the School of Engineering at AKFA University, I sincerely welcome you to our School which brings together an outstanding community of students, faculty and staff members. I invite you to look through the web pages of our Departments and Programs to learn more about the wide range of courses we offer and the impressive research by our faculty members.

At the School of Engineering, we align curriculum and all academic processes at the level of the world’s top universities, and pay great attention to their integration with research and development. And we have necessary experience and knowledge to attains our goals, and what is important, we have highly qualified faculty members who have studied and worked in the best universities and research institutes in the world.

Dr. Ahmedov Bahodir,
Dean of School of Engineering

Name Certification Duration
Computer Science B.Sc 4 years
Electrical & Electronics Engineering B.Sc 4 years
Civil Engineering B.Sc 4 years
Architecture and Design B.Sc 4 years
Applied Mathematics B.Sc 4 years
bahodir profile
Dr. Bahodir Ahmedov, Ph.D., D.Sc.
RWTH Aachen University (Germany) University of Granada (Spain)
farkhod profile rustam profile mutti profile
Dr. Farkhod Eshmatov, Ph.D., D.Sc.
Cornell University (USA)
Dr. Rustam Turdibaev, Ph.D.
University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Jacobs University Bremen (Germany)
Dr. Mutti-Ur Rehman, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)
Gran Sasso Science Institute (Italy)
ali profile ummatoy profile saidamir profile

Mukhammadali Khayotov, M.Eng
Sejong University (South Korea)

Ummatoy Yuldosheva, B.Sc.
Inha University in Tashkent

Saidamir Marukhujaev, B.Sc.
Russian State University of Oil & Gas

valijon profile

no image 1

Dr. Valijon Turakulov, Ph.D.,
Inha University (South Korea)
Keimyung University (South Korea)

Dr. Bekzod Aminov, Ph.D.,
National University of Uzbekistan

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