AKFA University aims to educate students for both an academic and a professional career by emphasizing core objectives: academic quality, self-development, internationality and the ability to succeed in the working world. Hence, this study program offers a comprehensive, structured approach to prepare students for graduate education as well as career success by combining disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth with supplemental skills education and extra-curricular elements.

Electrical and electronics engineering, the branch of engineering concerned with the practical applications of electricity in all its forms, including those of the field of electronics. Electronics engineering is a branch of electrical engineering concerned with the uses of the electromagnetic spectrum and with the application of such electronic devices as integrated circuits and transistors.

A degree in this field, whether Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering or a combination of the two, will give you a fascinating insight into how electrical devices and technology works. It’s not difficult to see how, in a future that will likely be full of new electric technologies, this can be an incredibly valuable degree.

There are many career options for degree holders in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

The program has fundamental courses as well the courses which are in trend nowadays.

Graduates of the program may consider working in aerospace, telecommunications, robotics,

broadcasting, computer engineering, nuclear engineering, or system analytic.

Current tentative curricular structure of the program*
Freshmen Year | Fundamentals
Code Course name Code Course name
MATH 120 Linear Algebra CS 121  Introduction to Computer Science
CS 110  Computer Programming 1 CS 111 Computer Programming 2
CS 100 ICT Systems & Tools 1 CS 101 ICT Systems & Tools 2
MATH 101 Precalculus MATH 110 Calculus 1
ENG 120 English Reading MATH 140 Discrete Mathematics 1
ENG 130 English Writing ENG 132 English Writing 2
ENG 170 English Speaking
Sophomore Year | Fundamentals & Core
Code Course name Code Course name
CS 220 Data structure & Algorithms CS 260 Database Systems
MATH 240 Discrete Mathematics 2 CS 240 Computer Architecture
MATH 150 Statistics MATH 221 Probabilistic Modeling
MATH 210 Calculus 2 MATH 260 Scientific Computing
PHYS 101 Physics 1 PHYS 102 Physics 2
Elective Free** Elective Free**
Junior Year | Core & Specialization
Code Course name Code Course name
CS 310 Machine Learning CS 311 Deep Learning
CS 320 Operating Systems CS 330 Object-Oriented Programming
CS 340 Computer Networks CS 350 Computer Security
EEE 360 Embedded Systems 1 EEE 370 Embedded Systems 2
MATH 380 Numerical Analysis MATH 390 Optimization
HIST 100 History of Uzbekistan Free Elective**
Senior Year | Specialization & Final Project***
Code Course name Code Course name
GE 401 Scientific Research Program GE 402 Project Management
CS 410 Topics in Computer Science CS 411 Topics in Computer Science
CS 420 Computer Graphics CS 430 Wireless Communication
CS 440 Human-Computer Interaction CS 490 Integrated Work-Study Program***
CS 491 Bachelor’s Thesis Work***

* The list of the subjects and their order is subject to change

** Free Elective courses can be chosen from a wide variety of courses offered by AKFA University

*** One of the modules should be chosen as the Final Project Wo

Tentative list of Courses with Pre-requisites

A prerequisite is a specific course or subject that you must complete before you can take another course at the next grade level. Prerequisites are a way of making sure that students enter into a course with some prior knowledge. This will help professors to teach at a certain academic level, and also help students to feel more comfortable and confident with the course.

Code Course name Pre-requisite*
MATH 110 Calculus 1 MATH 101  Precalculus
MATH 210 Calculus 2 MATH 110  Calculus 1
MATH 221 Probabilistic Modeling MATH 150 Statistics
MATH 260 Scientific Computing MATH 110 Calculus 1
MATH 380 Numerical Analysis MATH 260 Scientific Computing
PHYS 102 Physics 2 PHYS 101 Physics 1
CS 220 Data structure & Algorithms MATH 140  Discrete Mathematics 1
CS 310 Machine Learning MATH 120 Linear Algebra
MATH 110 Calculus 1
CS 311 Deep Learning MATH 120 Linear Algebra
CS 340 Computer Networks MATH 221 Probabilistic Modeling
CS 330 Object-Oriented Programming CS 111 Computer Programming2
EEE 370 Robotics EEE 360 Embedded Systems

* The list of pre-requisites is subject to change due to slight changes of the content of the courses.

The career opportunities for EEE graduates cover a wide range and continue to grow. Electrical & Electronics Engineers are everywhere – in industry and research areas as diverse as computer and communication networks, electronic circuits and systems, semiconductor biomedical engineering, computational biology, artificial intelligence, robotics, design and manufacturing, and many more. The key point of the program is a deep education in engineering principles, built on mathematical, computational, physical, and life sciences, and exercised with practical applications and project experiences in a wide range of areas.

For information about Tuition Fees please visit Tuition Fees page of our website.

AKFA University offers merit scholarships to domestic students. Please visit the Scholarships page of our website for additional information.

Eligibility requirements for domestic applicants (citizens of Uzbekistan)

  • Lyceum, college or high school graduates in Uzbekistan or abroad;
  • Lyceum, college or high school students in Uzbekistan or abroad who are studying in their final year;
  • Applicants who passed the English Proficiency Requirements
  • Successful completion of the Entrance exam

Admission Guidelines for International Applicants

  • Passport bio page scan.
  • School diploma and transcript. (9th grade)
  • Application Form. (Click here to download)
  • Motivation letter. (150 ~ 250 words)
  • Recommendation letter (preferable but not mandatory)

Application Fee of 50 US Dollars should be paid in the student’s name, not in their parents’ name or any other names to the following bank account: 2020 8840 2050 3245 3002 in Olmazor Branch of NBU FEA Republic of Uzbekistan. MFO 00876, OKED 85420, TIN 306 210 969, SWIFT Code: NBFAUZ2X

English Proficiency Requirements for Domestic and International Applicants

IELTS 5 / TOEFL iBT 50  / Duolingo English Test 80 or above

Both IELTS and TOEFL iBT certificates are valid for those issued after 5 August 2019.

All applicants should pass the entrance exams in Mathematics organized from February-August each year. All applicants should provide a certificate of English Proficiency.

AKFA University welcomes transfer students. We believe that students with a wide range of backgrounds will add diversity and intellectual passion to an existing group of students.

External transfer applicants will be required to meet the following minimum criteria to be considered for admission:

  • All applications must complete at least one regular semester with high academic standing at an accredited university;0
  • It is recommended that the Grade Point Average (GPA) of an applicant exceeds 2.7 out of 4.5 or 80 out of 100, equivalently;
  • All applicants must have a comprehensive English proficiency and should be provided with a corresponding English Proficiency Test score of IELTS 5.5 or above.