07 2 1170x750 1Personal photos and video may be taken by students and their parents, faculty and staff members and other campus visitors for personal and non-commercial purposes. On-campus photography and videography must not interfere with the ongoing operations of the AKFA University, especially lessons.

AKFA University accommodates reasonable requests for journalistic, news-related and non-commercial shooting, but reserves the right to deny permission.

For commercial filming at the university campus, you should obtain permission from the AKFA University administration. Requests should be submitted at least 5 days before shooting to the Press Office.

News-Related Filming and Photography

News media may shoot news photography in outdoor, public, non-restricted spaces on campus. As a courtesy, news media are asked to notify the Press Office of AKFA University when news-related shoots will occur in any of these areas on campus one day before the shooting. Permission is required to shoot news-related images in all indoor spaces, including the library, classrooms, laboratories, residential, dining, and athletics facilities.

Non-News and Commercial Filming

AKFA University prohibits the use of the campus for commercial filming. However, the Press Office of the AKFA University will consider specific requests. Requests should be submitted at least 5 days before shooting.

Student Filming

Filming on the university campus for academic purposes is limited only to students, staff and faculty and others attending academic programs of AKFA University. Students of AKFA University may film if their project is to fulfill academic credit or is the requirement of a class project.