Digital marketing is the new and trending branch of marketing. With the development of online business, the demand for digital marketers is increasing.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Digital marketing imparts knowledge about strategies to attract customers through various digital channels.

The program provides a comprehensive view on planning and executing e-business and promote their product on popular search engine, social media channels and other online platforms.

The program provides students with some of the major skills like concepts of sales conversions, analyzing marketing campaigns and finding strategies.

Current tentative curricular structure of the program*

Semester 1
Code Subject Pre-requisite
BUS 100 Principles of Business None
ENG 101 General English (IELTS<6) None
ENG240 Academic English 1 (IELTS≥6) None
CS100 ICT Systems and Tools 1 None
PHIL100 Philosophy None
HIST110 History of Uzbekistan None
Semester 2
Code Subject Pre-requisite
BUS110 Principles of Management BUS100
ENG240 Academic English 1 ENG101
ENG241 Academic English 2 ENG240
CS110 ICT Systems and Tools 2 CS100
MATH110 Business Math None
SOC101 Sociology None
EC110 Microeconomics None
Semester 3
Code Subject Pre-requisite
BUS210 Introduction to Accounting & Finance None
MATH210 Statistics MATH110
BUS 220 Business Communication None
EC230 Macroeconomics EC110
BUS120 Managerial Decision Making BUS100
BUS340 Principles of Marketing None
Semester 4
Code Subject Pre-requisite
BUS 250 Human Resources Management BUS100
BUS260 Organizational Behavior BUS110
BUS225 Digital Marketing BUS340
BUS290 Integrative Case Study BUS100
BUS270 Financial Accounting 1 BUS210
Semester 5
Code Subject Pre-requisite
BUS305 Digital Business Models BUS110
BUS405 International Business BUS110
BUS330 Operations Management BUS110, EC110
BUS320 Leadership BUS110
BUS350 Managerial Accounting 1 BUS270
Semester 6
Code Subject Pre-requisite
BUS375 Digital Start-Up Management BUS305
BUS345 Organizational Theory & Design BUS260
BUS325 Marketing Information Systems CS110, BUS340
BUS355 Data Science MATH210
BUS395 Online & Social Media Marketing BUS225
BUS390 Project Management BUS330
Semester 7
Code Subject Pre-requisite
BUS280 Principles of Finance BUS210
BUS460 Strategic Management BUS270,280,330,340
BUS440 Business Consulting Project BUS270,280,330,340
BUS420 Business Law BUS110
BUS445 Sales Management BUS340
UZB100 O’zbek Tilida Ish Yuritish (Business Uzbek) None
BUS450 Business Research Methods BUS100, MATH210
Semester 8
Code Subject Pre-requisite
BUS430 Business Simulation Game BUS270,280,330,340
BUS455 Product Design BUS330
BUS411 Pricing and Financial Analysis in Marketing BUS340, 350
BUS412 Ingrated Marketing Communications BUS220, 340
*List of electives: German 1, German 2, Event Management, Ted-Talk Seminar, Design Thinking, Business Russian, Digital Management, Online and Social Media Marketing, Sales Management, Pricing and Financial Analysis in Marketing, Entrepreneurial Finance


* The list of the subjects and their order is subject to change

** Free Elective courses can be chosen from a wide variety of courses offered by AKFA University

*** One of the modules should be chosen as the Final Project Work

Graduates of the Digital marketing can work in various positions in IT and Software companies, digital marketing agencies, digital marketing departments.

For information about Tuition Fees please visit Tuition Fees page of our website.

AKFA University offers merit scholarships to domestic students. Please visit the Scholarships page of our website for additional information.

Eligibility requirements for domestic applicants (citizens of Uzbekistan)

  • Lyceum, college or high school graduates in Uzbekistan or abroad;
  • Lyceum, college or high school students in Uzbekistan or abroad who are studying in their final year;
  • Applicants who passed the English Proficiency Requirements
  • Successful completion of the Entrance exam

Admission Guidelines for International Applicants

  • Passport bio page scan.
  • School diploma and transcript. (9th grade)
  • Application Form. (Click here to download)
  • Motivation letter. (150 ~ 250 words)
  • Recommendation letter (preferable but not mandatory)

Application Fee of 50 US Dollars should be paid in the student’s name, not in their parents’ name or any other names to the following bank account: 2020 8840 2050 3245 3002 in Olmazor Branch of NBU FEA Republic of Uzbekistan. MFO 00876, OKED 85420, TIN 306 210 969, SWIFT Code: NBFAUZ2X

English Proficiency Requirements for Domestic and International Applicants

IELTS 5 / TOEFL iBT 50  / Duolingo English Test 80 or above

Both IELTS and TOEFL iBT certificates are valid for those issued after 5 August 2019.