Sixty-two participants out of 91 applicants successfully advanced to the first stage of the Motivational Letter Contest of AU.

AU received motivational letters from 91 applicants in total. AU specialists checked the works for plagiarism and English proficiency checks. In the result, sixty-two participants successfully moved to the first stage. Applicant who has 20% or more plagiarism failed to move to the first stage

Please be informed that all screened motivational letters will be open for a public vote until May 30th, 5 p.m. Anyone may cast their votes for the best motivational letters via the following links.

Farida Rakhmanberdieva Candidate 1
Ruxshona Xosilova Candidate 2
Gulimokh Juraeva Candidate 3
Marjona Usmonova Candidate 4
Sidabillaeva Gulferuz Nurabillaevna Candidate 5
Irodakhon Tulanova Candidate 6
Madinabonu Mirsaidova Candidate 7
Raximjon Raximjanov Candidate 8
Sanjar Yoqubov Candidate 9
Ibragimova Umida Candidate 10
Azizkhon Sultonov Candidate 11
Otabekov Diyorbek Candidate 12
Dilovarkhan Kokhkhorhzonova Candidate 13
Manzura Ibrokhimova Candidate 14
Dildora Asilbekova Candidate 15
Azizbek Axmadov Candidate 16
Ravshanbekova Mokhinbonu Candidate 17
Saidaminkhon Saidolimov Candidate 18
Boyqobilov Otajon Shuxrat o’g’li Candidate 19
Omina Abdushukurova Candidate 20
Laylo Sheraliyeva Candidate 21
Laylo Bobahanova Candidate 22
Xakimova Malika Candidate 23
Khadicha Saydmurodova Candidate 24
Otabek Otanazarov Candidate 25
Fotima Oripova Candidate 26
MUHAMMADALI Shodmonov Candidate 27
Diyora Sadriyeva Candidate 28
Rakhshona Makhkamova Candidate 29
Elmonov Eldor Erkinovich Candidate 30
Rasulova Nozima Candidate 31
Abdukhalilov Samariddin Candidate 32
Yusupova Sojida Candidate 33
Muxammadali Turgunbayev Candidate 34
Afifa Abdujalilova Candidate 35
Kumush Khaitkulieva Candidate 36
Asilxon Abbosov Candidate 37
Tursunmurodova Laylo Candidate 38
Amrulloev Abu-Bakr Candidate 39
Sevinch Mashrapova Candidate 40
Muhsina Azamatova Candidate 41
Jarmakhan Yuldoshev Candidate 42
Laylo Kahramanova Candidate 43
Shahzoda Jo’raxonova Candidate 44
Rakhmatullaeva Aziza Shukurillo qizi Candidate 45
Mahmudjon Obidov Candidate 46
Umaraliyeva Maftuna Qobil qizi Candidate 47
Khoshimova Sevinch Anvar qizi Candidate 48
Maxmudjanov Mehroj Candidate 49
Elnoz Xodjaeva Masud qizi Candidate 50
Abduqodir Ismoilov Candidate 51
Nuraxmedova Xadichaxon Mirodil qizi Candidate 52
Abduvosikova Nilufarkhon Candidate 53
Davronov Diyor Candidate 54
Ishankulov Diyor Candidate 55
Gulruxsor Axmadjanova Candidate 56
Sitorabonu Mansurova Candidate 57
Abduazim Rasulov Candidate 58
Olimova Yulduz Candidate 59
Shokhjakhon Jabborov Candidate 60
Sevinch Bobomurodova Candidate 61
Abdulhay G’ulomddinov Candidate 62

The participants who gained relatively enough votes (more than ten votes) move to the main stage (an interview part). The interview part will take place on June 2 at AU campus. The AU Administration will inform the candidate about the process, schedule, and assessment criteria individually by email or phone call.

In the 2nd stage, the video interview will be recorded from each participant and presented to the audience for voting again (from June 2 – to June 10, 2022. 

On June 10, 2022, the one winner from each department, who receives the most votes, will get a 100% scholarship to study at AKFA University for one semester.