Eight people became the winners of the Motivation Letter Contest of the AU. All of them will receive scholarships for one semester.

AU organized the Motivation Letter Contest for the school graduates or applicants, who will graduate from School/Lyceum/College this year in Uzbekistan. About 91 applicants submitted their motivation letters to the contest. The procedure lasted more than one month, and based on the screening (plagiarism* and English proficiency check) results, 62 out of 91 participants successfully moved to the first stage. Thirty-two applicants out of 62 advanced to the interview stage and all of them were invited to take part in the interview.

A total of twenty-seven participants took part in the interview stage of the contest. Five people refused to take part in the interviews. Participants have been interviewed fairly and evaluated based on a particular assessment rubric by the University Professors, Dean, and the Admission Office.

As the result of the interviews, twenty-one participants got enough points higher than 70%, and now they advanced to the final process to identify the winner of a contest for each department in the public voting. The voting was held on the official page of AU on Youtube.

As the result of the voting,
-Asilxon Abbosov (Accounting & Finance, 3267 likes and with a total score of 83,80),
-Muxammadali Turgunbayev (Architecture & Design, 2491 likes and with a total score of 94,51),
-Madinabonu Mirsaidova (Dental School, 965 likes and with a total score of 94,72),
-Tursunmurodova Laylo (Economics, 2724 likes and with a total score of 76,65),
-Muhammadali Shodmonov (English Education, 1323 likes and and with a total score of 86,87)
-Jarmakhan Yuldoshev (International Business, 92 likes and with a total score of 72,68),
-Kumush Khaitkulieva (Commercial Law, 618 likes and with a total score of 75,39),
-Irodakhon Tulanova (Medica School, 6357 likes and with a total score of 87,97) collected the most votes, and scores and became the winner of the Motivation Letter Contest.

Each winner got a 100% scholarship to study at AKFA University for one semester.

The winners should pass the entrance examination and submit the Certificate of English (IELTS/TOEFL) by 20 August 2022, to keep their prize and place. If the winner cannot pass the entrance exam or provide a Certificate of English, the prize will be given to the second most liked letter owner.

The awarding ceremony of the winners of the contest will take place at 15-00 at AU on 16 June 2022.

The final results