AKFA University Part-time Student Program (AUPSP)

AUPSP is a special study program for school graduates of a 9th or higher level. The duration of a program is two years. In the first year of the program, students study basic courses and they take the required core subjects in the second year according to the departments(see the curriculum (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13nGqgBcIg0s-p_AMvtIJHHh9lF4d0egxxGedQlCHNjM/edit?usp=sharing)). Students who graduate the current program will have an opportunity to continue their studies from the second year in one of the following departments at AU.

Accounting & Finance
Architecture and Design
Applied Mathematics
Dental School
English Education
Hardware Engineering (IT)
Software Engineering (IT)
Medical School
School of Pharmacy
College of Nursing
Civil Engineering

Admission Timeline

1 June – Start of admission campaign.
1 August – The admission period for applicants ends at 17:00.
7 August – The entrance exams for the registered applicants
7 August – Announcement of the results of the entrance exam.