About 63.08% of those admitted young people to the Medical School of the AKFA University are residents of the city of Tashkent.

The entrance exams to the Medical School of AKFA University were held on 29 July 2020. About 532 entrants took part in the exams.

According to the results of the entrance exams, 130 applicants were admitted to the Medical School. At the same time, 42 applicants were given a conditional offer to be in the waiting list.

At the same time, about 63.08% or 82 of those admitted young people to the AKFA University are residents of Tashkent.

Also, 7 applicants are from Samarkand and Namangan regions (5.38%) each, 6 applicants – from Bukhara and Ferghana regions each (4.61%), 5 applicants – from Jizzakh and Andijan regions (3.85%) each.

The rest of the applicants are residents of Kashkadarya region (3 applicants), Navoi region (3), Republic of Karakalpakstan (2), Khorezm region (2), Syrdarya region (1) and Surkhandarya region (1).

At the same time, 67 out of 130 applicants received scholarships, which will cover from 10% to 100% of the tuition fee.

It should be underlined that 39 young people are from Tashkent city (58.21% of the total number of scholarships recipients), 7 – from Namangan region (10.45%), 4 – from Samarkand and Ferghana regions (5.97% each).

Scholarships were also provided to 3 residents of Bukhara region, 2 residents of Kashkadarya, Jizzakh, Khorezm and Navoi regions each, as well as 1 applicant from the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Andijan region each.