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About Pre-University Courses

AKFA University offers Pre-University Courses for young people, who are planning to enroll in our university or other higher educational institutions.

Currently, AKFA University provides Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics courses in Tashkent and Namangan cities.


Enrollment process is conducted in two stages. In the first stage, the applicants should undergo registration. In the final stage, the registered applicants will take placement tests.


Successful applicants will be united in the groups, consisting of 10 persons. The courses last 10 months. The lesson will be conducted three times a week. The lesson duration is 1.5 hours. The instruction language is English.


Successful graduates will be admitted to the AKFA University without examinations (20% of successful applicants).

To be eligible to enroll in AKFA University an applicant should take 3 core subjects throughout the Course for Medical School (Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics) and 1 core subject (Mathematics) for BS in Accounting and Finance.


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