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Student Council is the representative and self-governance body of the students of AKFA University, who is concerned to assist, support and engage students with and in their academic and social life, represent their rights and cooperate with the administration on behalf of the students and in their best favor, as well as organize non-academic activities.

Starting from the first academic year and till graduation membership is free of charge. The activities of the Student Council are regulated by SC Code-Constitution.

Student Council is managed by the Board, consisting of six elected members:

  • President
  • General Manager
  • General Secretary
  • Education and Welfare Executive
  • Events and Entertainment Executive
  • Information and Communication Executive
  • Sport Events Executive

Members of the Student Council have the full right to enjoy all the benefits possible from SC activities, participate in SC activities, henceforth elect SC Executives.

For additional information on how to join our family or events, please contact us at:


Telegram bot: @AUSC_bot

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