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Pre-Medical School is a two-year program, which trains students to basics of medicine. During four semesters, students will study biology, chemistry, statistics, the history of medicine, etc.

After competition of the programme, students will be able to continue their further education in Medical School, Dental School and School of Pharmacy.

Education at the university is conducted in English. The graduates will receive a diploma of higher education.


Pre-Medical School of AKFA University prepares medical students to choose their specialization in future. During two academic years, they study basic subjects, which will help during their future studies.

You can familiarize yourself with the full curriculum of Pre-Medical School here.

Please noted that information contained on the website with respect to modules is correct at the time of publication, and the University will make every reasonable effort to offer all models as indicated. In some cases, the University may introduce changes to the curriculum as a result of student feedback, timetabling, staff changes, etc.


After graduation of the Pre-Medical School of AKFA University, successful students can continue their studies in Medical School, Dental School and School of Pharmacy.


Eligibility requirements for domestic applicants (citizens of Uzbekistan)

  • Lyceum, college or high school graduates in Uzbekistan or abroad;
  • Lyceum, college or high school students in Uzbekistan or abroad who are studying in their final year;
  • Applicants who passed the English Proficiency Requirements
  • Successful completion of the Entrance exam

Admission Guidelines for International Applicants

  • Passport bio page scan.
  • High school diploma and transcript. (10-12th grade)
  • Application Form. (Click here to download)
  • Motivation letter. (150 ~ 250 words)
  • Recommendation letter (preferable but not mandatory)

Application Fee of 50 US Dollars should be paid in the student’s name, not in their parents’ name or any other names to the following bank account: 2020 8840 2050 3245 3002 in Olmazor Branch of NBU FEA Republic of Uzbekistan. MFO 00876, OKED 85420, TIN 306 210 969, SWIFT Code: NBFAUZ2X

English Proficiency Requirements for Domestic and International Applicants

IELTS 5.5 / TOEFL iBT 55  / Duolingo English Test 95 or above

Both IELTS and TOEFL iBT certificates are valid for those issued after 5 August 2019.


The tuition fee for Pre-Medical School for domestic students is set at 42 million soums per academic year (21 million soums per semester) and for international students – 7,000 US dollars per academic year (3500 US dollars per semester).

AKFA University offers merit scholarships to domestic students. Please visit the Scholarships page of our website for additional information.


Admission to AKFA University usually announces admission for the upcoming academic year in summer. Please check our Admission page for the latest information on admission quota, dates, and news.


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