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Shoirahon Odilova

  • LecturerAccounting and Finance

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Sep 2011 — Dec 2017
Shanghai, China
PhD of Enterprise Management
Doctor of Philosophy
DongHua University
Dissertation: “The Effect of Accounting Regulations on Recognition and Disclosure of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Uzbekistan and China”

Sep 2003 — Jun 2005
Namangan , Uzbekistan
Masters in Accounting
Namangan Engineering Economic Institute
Related Course work: Professional Financial Accounting, Accounting in Micro and Macro Enterprises

Sep 1999 — Jun 2003

Tashkent, Uzbekistan Bachelors in Accounting and Auditing
Tashkent Finance Institute
Related Course work: Accounting methods, Financial Accounting, Practical Auditing



Sep 2020— present
Tashkent, Uzbekistan Sr. Lecturer/ Professor
Yeoju Technical University in Tashkent, AKFA Medical University & TSUE
Delivering Economics and Management lectures – designing presentations for bachelor / master programs, planning relevant subject in the program, leading and control of creation and quality of subjects syllabus, leading department team members

Aug 2019 — Aug 2020
Kunshan, China
Suzhou Foreign Languages School
Delivering Cambridge Business Economics program in a bilingual environment • Prepare question papers, conduct the tests and grade them accordingly. • Having observation/open classes for the colleagues/parents on appointed by the school days

Feb 2018 — Jul 2019
Shanghai, China
Operations Manager
Oriental Cambridge Education Group

  • Corporate lecturing and instructing Chinese employees on international education management and leadership in a bilingual environment
  • Working on consulting projects of bringing out students’ talents and their greatest potential
  • Helping every child to grow into a life-long learner by collaborating the advantages of international and Chinese environments.




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Working Papers

Odilova, S. (2020). Tourism and economic growth: evidence from the Top-20 nations. Under review at International Tourism Review.

Odilova, S. (2020). Tourism and economic growth: panel evidence from Belt and Road countries. Submitted to Singapore Economic Review.

Odilova, S. & Salahodjaev, R. (2020). Women in government and shadow economy: a cross-country test.

Odilova (present) “Intelligence and Crime: A Novel Evidence for Software Piracy”.

Odilova (present) “National IRs and per capita income”.

Odilova (2018) “IR and wealth”.