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ImShik Lee

  • Bioinformatics and ChemistryMedical School

Contact Info:

  • +998 71 200 01 23
  • 17 Kichik Xalqa Yo’li, Tashkent

He graduated from Pusan National University, Korea with a bachelor’s degree in physics. He received his PhD in (bio)physics from the University of Bristol, England in 1993.

After working in Britain, China, Hong Kong, America and Japan, as a researcher or a professor, he is now serving as a professor at Medical School, AKFA University.

His multinational and transdisciplinary researches were mainly in the field of Nanobiointerfaces: mechanotransduction, (ir)radiation transduction, and bio-signal pattern decoding. His teaching were Biophysics, Nanobiophysics, Nanobiology, Molecular biophysics, Bioinformatics, Chemistry, etc.