MS Entrance Exam

  1. Admission decisions will be made based on the total score of the Entrance Exam, which assesses the applicant’s knowledge of 3 subjects: Biology, Chemistry, and Math.
  2. The Entrance Exam comprises a total of 60 questions (20 questions for each subject) covering high-school level knowledge in Biology , Chemistry, and Math.
  3. Each of all the 60 questions is worth 5 points. Thus, the maximum score of the Exam is 300.
  4. Akfa University adopts a negative point system: if you choose a wrong answer, you will receive −1.25 points. Therefore, if you make random guess while answering the questions, your final total score could be a negative number. This policy aims to enhance the fairness of the Exam by preventing examinees from earning a high score just by luck without having knowledge. If you want to avoid losing points by random guess, you can choose “No Answer” option. If you choose this option for a question, you will be given 0 point.
  5. Exam duration is 90 minutes. You are supposed to answer all 60 questions within one session of 90 minutes without break. You must finish your exam work within this time limit. Late submission of your work even by 1 second will cause failure of recording all your answers by the computer system.
  6. The minimum total score of the 3 subjects required to be considered for admission is 50 points. If the total score of an applicant is less than 50 points, he/she shall not be admitted to the University even when the total number of admitted students are less than the quota.
  7. Applicants will be ranked solely based on the Entrance Exam scores. Top 100 applicants will be admitted while the rest with a total score higher than 50 will be included in a waiting list. If empty posts occur due to resignation by some of the top 100, applicants on the waiting list will be given a chance for admission.

You can familiarize yourself with exam sample surfing to MS Exam Samples page on our website.