22 Feb 2021

Invitation of Faculty Members for Fall 2021

AKFA University seeks to fill positions at the assistant professor level starting in the academic year of 2021-2022. In evaluating applications, the search committee seeks evidence of outstanding research and teaching potential. We welcome candidates whose experience in teaching, research, or community service has prepared them to contribute to our commitment to diversity and excellence.

1. Introduction to AKFA University (AU)

● The University was established in September 2019 by Akfa Group, the most prominent company group in Uzbekistan.

● The official language of AU is English. All lectures are in English.

● Currently, the number of students is as follows: 109 freshmen and 147 sophomores, including a total of 19 International students in the Premed Program of Medical School and 52 freshmen in Business School.

● The whole 6-year curriculum of Medical School is imported from the Medical School of Gachon University in South Korea.

● In September 2021, Colleges of Pharmacy, Nursing, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Design will open. Dental School will open, too.

2. Features of Faculty posts at AU

● Full-time faculty positions are offered with the renewal of the contract every year and/or under the Employment Contract term. Part-time jobs are also available.

● Evaluation of faculty members will primarily be based on educational and administrative activities. However, for those who have promising research careers, the University will quickly support their research activities by setting up research infrastructures.

● Full-time faculty members must be involved in research activities and publish at least two scientific papers in the international journal.

3. Requirements to Candidates

Required Qualifications:

● Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) in related discipline from a regionally accredited institution;

● A Master’s degree in a related field is required;

● A current tenure-track position as an assistant professor or nontenured associate professor

● Strong skills in medical/engineering and/or other related applications, a demonstrated work history in majoring jobs are preferred.

Application Deadline: Open until filled; application review begins immediately.

4. Invitation Fields

AU seeks to recruit faculty members who can teach the following subjects to the students of various Departments of AKFA University for the Fall semester of 2021. The division of Academic Affairs will decide the subjects to be conducted for the following semester based on the specialty area of a candidate.


Total teaching hours for full-time faculty members will not exceed 18 hours per week.

A list of the Subjects of various Departments at Akfa University for applying is indicated in the table below.

List of the subjects for faculty positions

SubjectsCredit UnitsStudents
Introduction to Information Technologies3Freshmen
English for Academic Purposes3
Chemistry I3
Physics I4
Calculus of One Variable4
Architectural Communication Techniques I3Freshmen
English for Academic Purposes3
Basics of Design6
Introduction to Architecture3
Basic Calculus4
Biology & Lab 14Freshmen
Chemistry & Lab 14
English writing 13
Software Basics 13
English Reading2
Biology & Lab 24Sophomores
Chemistry & Lab 24
English writing 23
Software Basics 23
Biophysics 12
The History of Uzbekistan2
The History of Medicine2
English Speaking2
Body Structure Ⅰ (Anatomy)6Juniors
Body Structure Ⅱ (Anatomy)2
Body Function (Physiology)3
Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology3
Defense Mechanism of Human Body (Immunology)3
Pathologic Response to Injury (Pathology)3
Patient, Doctor, and Society Ⅰ1
Studies in Major Field Ⅰ1
Accounting Information Systems and Auditing5Sophomores
Principles of Finance Accounting5
Management Accounting for Business Decisions5
Principles of Finance5
Introduction to Asset Pricing5
Career Skills in Accounting and Finance5
Financial Accounting5
Financial Markets5

※ Civil Engineering students of each grade are divided into several groups. Credit units of some subjects can be adjusted.

※ Some sophomore subjects will be open for Spring 2022, and some for Fall 2022, depending upon good professor candidates’ availability.

5. Starting Date

20th of August 2021

※ In the event if the date of commencing changes, faculty members will be notified in advance.

6. Procedure of Recruitment

Step 1. All applicants are required to submit the documents and fill out the necessary information via the following link:


※ Please make sure all documents are in English.

※ Vacant positions for some subjects can be closed earlier than the deadline if AU starts negotiation with the right candidate.

Step 2. Interview and submission of additional documents

Only shortlisted candidates from Step 1 will be invited to a job interview. During the interview, a candidate will be asked to conduct a 15 min demo lecture.

While waiting for the interview, a candidate should submit the following documents:

A. Recommendation letters (two or more) – should be submitted by the reference persons directly to AKFA University emails in section 8 within a week from the date when you are notified of passing Step 1.

B. Course evaluation results if you have teaching experiences (optional)

C. Certificate of an English proficiency test: IELTS or TOEFL

If a candidate earned an academic degree(s) from an English-speaking university, or if he/she has sufficient careers in English-speaking institutes, a candidate is exempt.

7. Work conditions and Salary

(1) Work Conditions

● AU assigns up to 18 teaching hours per week for full-time faculty members. At the beginning of the employment, the employer’s workload can be less than the above indicated hours. However, it will gradually increase to the standard maximum hours for full-time faculty members and part-time faculty members accordingly.

● Paid vacation: 48 calendar days per year.

● Substantially less paperwork compared to other state universities in Uzbekistan.

(2) Salary

● A competitive salary will be proposed during negotiation, taking the candidate’s qualifications into account.

8. Contacts

(1) Staff: Ms. Diyora Khakimova, Head of HR Department: d.khakimova@akfauniversity.org hr@akfauniversity.org

※ Whenever you have questions, please feel free to contact us anytime at the above emails.

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