AKFA University Olympiad

Olympiad of AKFA University

AKFA University will hold an Olympiad in mathematics, chemistry, biology and English language among 11th grade schoolchildren and last year students of academic lyceums, as well as prospective students.

The Olympiad is held to identify talented youth and increase their interest in science. Students of the 11th grade of schools and 3-year students of academic lyceums, as well as prospective students, who want to study at the AKFA University in the future can take part in the Olympiad.

Dear Participant of AU Olympiad,

Please open the link below to log into the AU OLYMPIAD Agreement form and please fill it out. Please keep in your mind that the below link leads you to the Proctoring system and Agreement form.
After filling out the form you do not have to close the page before you click the purple Submit button at the end, then click the GREEN button on the top to close the page.
You must fill out the form only on a computer or Laptop and use only Google Chrome Browser with the latest version.

OLYMPIAD AGREEMENT FORM (Mandatory): https://www.autoproctor.co/tests/start-test/bYjJSNx7Vs

The Olympiad Exams, STAGE 1 and 2, will be conducted in the same process as in the current form.

If you need any guide in order to fill out the Agreement Form, please check the given links below:

O’zbek tilida: https://youtu.be/JKs5UL1l16E

На русском языке: https://youtu.be/LsCcPDsDHv0

If you face any problem or have any questions, please contact us immediately via https://t.me/joinchat/V5NHhpn_JGYFbixX/ @akfaunibot / +998 71 200 01 23

List of registered participants of the Olympiad

Results of the first stage of English language Olympiad

Result of the first stage of Math Olympiad

Results of the first stage of Chemistry Olympiad

Results of the first stage of Biology Olympiad